Forever After: Beyond the fairytale

Welcome to Forever After…. Beyond the fairytale!  My name is Tania West and I am (amongst many other things)  a marriage and relationship presenter, mentor and coach.  I’ve worked for over twenty years with engaged couples, married couples and have clocked up some 32 years of married life experience myself during which I’ve come to the conclusion that the fairytale we all embraced in our early years is not all its cracked up to be!

Stories of magic carpets, perfectly fitting glass slippers and magic kisses that awaken us from evil spells intrigued and excited us once (well, okay I admit they still do) and I wonder to what extent some of these fairy tale ideas creep into our now grown up understanding of what marriage is all about?

This website is all about un-packing how we go about living out the “forever after” promises that we probably made in some shape or form when we got married.  I have a passion to explore, investigate, and communicate the “nuts and bolts” of what makes marriage work and to engage in dialogue about your experiences.

I believe “forever after” is possible (although I accept it is not always achieved and for very sound reasons) but that it is made possible when we intentionally create it.  How? by learning from what we know works (based on research, our faith and our lived experiences).

I’m looking forward to exploring through this web site how we can all create the kind of marriage that has that “forever after” quality even in the absence of carpets, apples, forests, slippers and magic kisses!